Monday, May 15, 2006

ROM Sketches With Smook

Last week we took the opportunity to meet our friend Mike Smukavic at The Royal Ontario Museum for a sketch day. We took some snaps too, before our camera battery conked out! We had a great time with Mike, who's about as talented as they come, and also great company. Here's some images from the day (all from the main floor Chinese sculpture exhibit).

Check out Mike's (Smooks) ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) post here.

The totem pole in the main stairwell has always been one of my (Arna's) favourite things since I first visited the museum as a kid. Here's a shot taken half way up. The stairwell is four stories high, so that gives you an idea of the size of this pole:

Here's Smook snapping a shot. Notice the resemblance to some of the statues...?

Several of John's sketches:

One from Arna:
This next batch are John's:

John's brush marker sketch of one of the same wooden 'Luohan' monks from the grouping above:

Smook must have been a Buddha in a former life...

This griffin was a challenge to capture. I'd like to go back to work on him again. He's pretty spectacular, and the drawings don't quite capture his furious expression:

That's all for today. Thanks to Mike for joining us at the ROM. Wait till you see his sketches. Great stuff.


~Arna and John


Matt J said...

Wonderful sketches & pics. Totem pole is awesome. John, looks like you were on fire that day. Splendid doodles Doodlers.
Bit by bit we're piecing together Smook via the blogs, we had the back of his head on Drazen's or his own blog last year & now we got the profile!

Yaxin said...

when I was a kid, I wanted to be totem#s designer as a profession ^_^
beauti full in the sketches

jastolfo said...

Too funny! Mike Smookabuddah.
Beautiful stuff guys.

Richard Mitchelson said...

wow doodlers,

great work here love the sketches they are really something. nice to see the photo's too.

martin wittig said...

wow!!! So inspirational...It's been awhile since i have been to a museum. Really great work..Thanks for posting these:)

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Great collection of drawings from all your talented awesome people!! What a treat!

Smook said...

Hey Doodlers,

Twas a great afternoon, nice to see you both again. It's been far too long between visits.

Like I've told you before, your drawings turned out just amazing. Yours have so much life in them, and while I liked the sketches I did, I found them to be a bit stiff somehow.

We definitely HAVE to do this more often! Next time we'll call Drazen to come along too!

Matt J: Drazen had the back view of me, Arna posted a profile, and coincidently, you posted a picture of yoda on your blog, now you have the FRONT view too!

Cheers folks.

the doodlers said...

Matt J, Thanks! You guys in London have the great British Museum- what a fine place with so much to see and draw. One day we should all meet there for a good sketch bash. We're also happy to help you I.D. Smook...

Yacin, Thanks!! Totem maker's an admirable profession to aspire to! Some new totems would look good in the local town square.

Jeff, Harhar: Smookabudah. Good one.

Richard, Cheers and thanks a bunch too,

Martin, Get thee to a museum, man. Can't wait to see what you draw.

Alina, Always a pleasure when you visit! Thanks!

Mr. Smookabudah, Thanks! We had a really good time. Your sketches are as lively as can be, no worries. Yup, Drazen should come next time. And next time I'll make sure the camera battery is charged. Yeesh. 2nd or 3rd week in June is looking possible for us.

Matt J said...

If you guys make it over to the British let us know & we'll be there!

the doodlers said...

Yeah, the only time I was in London was 2001. We're due to go again. What a great idea- a sketch trip! With Smook, and Drazen too. Damn, you guys are just a bit too far away for a spontaneous hop over! Still. this could turn in to a nice jaunt...

Thanks for stopping by again, Matt.

max said...

nice sketches!

a drawing world trip in the works?