Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moo Cards!

Got these a while ago. They are fun to share, sort of like our own personal trading cards. Yayyy for Moo!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gladstone Late Afternoon...

Taken by John van Bruggen, on the way to Canzine 2007. Read more about the event here.

Here's more about the event, for Nick who asked :)

Artist Max Douglas was there (Arna's son), showing off his ambitious new book, THEREFORE REPENT (a partnership with writer Jim Monroe). We hung out with Max, (family day!) and picked up a poignant graphic trio of HUNG books by Shannon Gerard and a really funny little (really little!) book called Transit Tokens by John Martz (he of the called notorious TTC ANAGRAM MAP). We also got a trippy PINPAL PAPER DOLL. There was lots more to see and do- you could have a 'hate letter' written about you if you so desired, and read the latest SHAMELESS magazine. We somehow missed seeing the room installation by TARA BURSEY, but we heard it was dark. Tara's work always challenges the viewer.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Royal Winter Fair 2006

Here's a little sampler of shots we took during our visit with Daniela and James at the Royal Winter Fair last year. It's been a year and the Royal is on again. What a great place to draw.

But since we might not make it to the fair this year, we'll post this link to a fabulous set of Royal Winter Fair sketches by Drazen Kozjan. Delicious.

Dani and J are in San Francisco now, and from what we hear, life is good. You can visit their blogs here:

Daniela and J