Thursday, May 18, 2006

Harvey Chan's Skateboards

Posted by Arna:
Hi guys! Here's a peek at some of our friend Harvey Chan's gorgeous painted skateboards. Harvey is a noted Toronto illustrator and he was my first sculpture teacher at the Toronto School Of Art a few years back. Check out Harvey Chan's portfolio site for more terrific examples of his work.

These boards are part of a group show this weekend in Montreal:
Life Styles at Yves Laroche l'Autre Galerie



Clive said...

Amazing! Love the sketching posts from the ROM below too, lovely stuff. And Smook really does look a bit like an incarnation of the you know who.

Lee-Roy said...

Quite varied and all good. I particularly like the giraffe-necked, pointy-nailed, tripped-out Aubrey Beardsley-esque woman.

Lubomir said...

Nice blog guys! These boards are great, with a great variety of content and styles. Arna, I really like the Erik Bruhn piece...thank's for linking me.

Kagan M. said...


Skateboards said...

The designs are all great but I don't think that a real skater will buy this kind of design. I mean skater are all rockers and the design for me is more into feminine type.

the doodlers said...

Thanks for visiting Skateboards... these probably are meant to hang on the wall.

Interesting that you call these designs feminine. They are done by a guy, who has a somewhat mystical approach to his work. I prefer to think of the designs as 'fantasy oriented'. And too bad that you see Skateboarding in such a narrow stylistic way. Maybe skateboarding needs to get a little shaking up! Bring on the girls!! yaa!!