Saturday, April 14, 2007


Posted by Arna:

Here's a small fishy doodle to entertain you while we're busy with work n' stuff...

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This little character is inspired by the movie THE HOST, a wonderful Korean film that builds a monster movie story by focusing on a family, and especially the disaffected son, who has lost his way. We follow the family's struggle to rescue the son's young daughter, after she is taken by the monster. The story carries themes of the terrible pollution our species has brought to this planet, and the destructive undermining influence of the American presence on Korean culture. There are allusions to the nerve-wracking SARS health scare we in Toronto are so familiar with, and great portrayals of the sort of groupthink fear that drives people to adopt ridiculous and totally pointless measures in times of crisis. Don't miss this film! It's funny, and terrifying. A great one to see in the theatre...the music echoes like the score from a Miyazaki film. The juggernaut motion of the monster; sometimes awkward, sometimes acrobatic (nothing like this little creature in the sketch above), keeps you on the edge of your seat.

We'll give it five 'doodler squiggles' or 'squidlers', a word that suits this film. ~~~~~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Posted by Arna.

Just came back from Banff where I was lucky to spend 4 days in the fresh air, and experience an amazing story conference. Got my head clear and came back to Toronto to finish a board that is keeping me very busy for the next three weeks. I'll post more about the conference in the next days.

Thanks to Warren Leonhardt who encouraged me to go. Thanks to Chad Kerychuk and Ken Bautista who put the conference together.

Big thanks to speakers Ronnie Del Carmen, Kris Pearn, Josh Staub, and George P. Georgeadis for your energy, insight and inspiration.

This photo was taken on the way up Tunnel Mountain Trail. I am now walking hills in our neighbourhood to get in better shape so the next time I'll make it to the top of that trail!