Tuesday, December 06, 2005

more juvenilia...

Continuing with the theme of posting stuff we did when we were younger:

This one's Arna's. The original is a 'stream of consciousness' doodle of the sort that I used to do often... just start drawing and stop when I felt like it with no big picture plan in mind. There's something wonderfully liberating about the process.

Original: felt-tip marker on cheap mountboard, circa 1969...possibly earlier!

I just now made the three variations in photoshop.




Mark Ackland said...

WOW! That looks awesome!!!! It would make a cool t-shirt!

Steve Daye said...

Trippy! I like the violet one with the darker tones on the eye and the moon/sun. Mark's right, it would make for a cool shirt!

Smook said...

I started printing the second one so I can iron it onto a clean tie dyed shirt as we speak! Funkadelic man!

Very nice Arna. I like the second one with the deep indigo colour. 'I;m so glad' you posted these and looking forward to the others you have!

St John Street said...

the nwe stuff is crazy

Alina Chau said...

THese are great paintings and drawings. So unique and creative, beautiful!

Boris Hiestand said...

weird and dreamlike and beautiful

alberto mielgo said...

Dear Arna and Jhon.
I've bee looking your blog and is very nice.
You have so much variety and also many links to other nice artist.
This drawing of yours reminds me a lot the drawings of a friend of mine. She use to do the same: drawing with out plan in mind.She used to fill folders and folders of those psycodelic drawings and i use to stare at them as I do now to yours.
It's aso great the way of draw with dops and how the letters fly in the drawing.

I also like a lot the torso escupture!

I know well some people from Canada in here: Robert Valley, and the fantastic Sharon Smith, and some others

Elliot said...

Doodlers - you just left a lovely comment on my blog, but I can't find it to reply!

1) That scene in Topsy Turvy is my favorite also!

2) An honor to join your links, I'll add your to mine.
I actually visit your blog often although I've never had anything useful to say so I've never posted.
I am particularly taken with this set of 3.

the doodlers said...

Hi all! What a lovely set of comments!

Thanks Mark! if we figure out the best way to make T-shirts from this you'll get the first one.

Steve, thanks, that one's my favourite too.

Smook, thanks, the indigo one is my second fav. On Tie Die... woah! You're definately in the groove, man.

Thanks St. John Street- hopefully we'll stay crazy!

Alina, coming from you that's a HUGE compliment. LOVED that recent caligraphic forest snow scene on your blog.

Thanks for the cool adjectives Boris! I think those were done when I was expecting.. everything WAS kinda weird and dreamlike and beautiful...

Alberto, We love your stuff too. You're work has an amazing sense of mood and graphic clarity. Thanks very much for your comments. We don't know Robert Valley but we know the very talented Sharon Smith. Please say 'hi' when you see her next- we visited with Sharon and Michael S. last time they were in Canada.

Elliot, The comment is on your 'Touchy Feely' post. Thank you very much for the link. Your blog is incredibly lively! Love all that Painter linework.