Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Posted by Arna:

This is an envelope for a card John decorated for me, to mark the start of a new series we were both working on last year. Lucky me- I storyboarded two of his scripts for this show. I wish we could work together more often!

This is JvB's take on the two little pig characters from the show... this drawing always makes me laugh.


Michael said...

I've seen this show a couple of times with our daughter. It's very well done! I always enjoyed boarding some of JvB's scripts. perhaps it'll happen soon?

Hope you're both well. Perhaps some time next month we could get together for sketching and lunch somewhere?


the doodlers said...

Hi Mike! Congrats to you and Kim on your new baby girl...you've been keeping a low profile! I bet you're REALLY busy.

Sketching in the next month or so sounds grand. Let's set it up. We'd love to come visit too. (^_^)

scott said...

Hey Arna and John,
Getting off the new year properly and saying hi!
Nice work, nacherly, let's have coffee or something soon,

Marcos Mateu said...

This is so cute!!!

nickwatson said...


the doodlers said...


coffee...very good idea. Let's do it soon. Hope all's good with you.

Marcos, Yes it is. JvB's got a great way with character. (^_^)

NickWatson, Hi and thanks! You stuff is lovely. Are you sure you're not Nick Sung...??