Monday, December 24, 2007

Oscar Peterson...

Posted by Arna:

Oscar Peterson the renowned Canadian jazz piano master died yesterday. He will be missed.

Here is an interview with Oscar Peterson from 1965, published in 'Seventeen & a half', which was my high school literary magazine. Good friend Lanny Salsberg was publisher of the mag. My friend and fellow classmate Robert Libman met Mr. Peterson at the Friars Tavern in Toronto, Canada. I did the portrait from a photograph.


splotch said...

Hello John and Arna!
Thanks for dropping by and linking me to your blog,I will do the same.
This is a lovely drawing Arna, it just feels like jazz.
I hope your both having a great start to the new year and hopefully will see you in town one of these days.

All the best,


the doodlers said...


Best to you for 2008. We oughta get together and compare notes on storyboarding life...I see you got yourself a Cintiq. Congrats!

AS and JvB