Saturday, March 17, 2007

late night sillies

look out, he's...


Yaxin said...

>8-)))) too...

R.Dress said...

I'm not sure where you can get a hold of the IRON GIANT script. How ever there is a great book called Between the Lines (subtle elements of ficton writing) by Jessica Page Morrell. Um great read. In addition there is some of her teachings on line where she analysis the Iron Giant script.

Jack Ruttan said...

More posts, please! I want more free entertainment!

the doodlers said...

Hi guys, thanks a whole lot for your comments. We're working a lot these days and posting less. Sorry!

Yaxin, hope that you got something good to eat and we'll visit your amazing blog soon. People, go there now. Yaxin's stuff is just gorgeous.

Thanks for that book recommendation Mr Dress. Gotta get a hold of that!

Jack..thanks! We'll get back to the blog soon. We owe you a visit now.


Alina Chau said...

HE! HE!! THis is cute!! Late night snack always taste better!! LOL

David Scott Smith said...

Naaah... Sleepy.

and if I don't hit the sack now! I'm certain to look just like him in the morning.

Hi Arna,
David Smith from waybackland
check your info@dancingmonkey.

*love what you do.

Michael Fleming said...

Eeek! Yes, more doodles from the Doodlers, please!

TotalD said...

Hi John and Arna,

Ditto. I'm sending a reply through dancing monkeys =)

enzo avolio said...

Ah,ha! I love it!
Hey... I'm gettin' hungry here!

the doodlers said...

Alina, hiya, thanks for the visit and the note. Always good to see you here.

David, Wowsers~ got your email and we'll be firing you one back soon. PS: I still have that big yellow book: 'A Primer For Film Making' by Robert Sharples. :) It's wonderful to reconnect with you.

Michael, Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty funny we call ourselves doodlers yet we're like, too busy to doodle. What's up with that???!.

D, Got it thanks! We'll be replying via your email shortly. We really appreciate the note.

Enzo, Thanks so much, your comments mean a lot to us.