Friday, December 08, 2006

Considering December 6...

Two days ago was the 17th anniversary of the killing of 14 women, shot dead at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.

Arna's son, illustrator and comic artist Max Douglas (Salgood Sam), posted a piece on the subject, and we think it's a good read:



Anonymous said...

I saw Michael Moore Bowling for Columbine recently and Canada is presented as the most peacefull country on earth.We are ok in most portuguese territory but we lock our doors with key!!

Today I reached 100 posts/100 collages!So I want a visit!!I remember that you were the first to visit my blog and also one of the few that linked me. Thanks for that!!Have a nice weekend!!

the doodlers said...

Belinha, We lock our doors too. I remember 30 years ago we didn't, but that's all changed.

Congrats on your 100 posts. Wow! Didn't know we were the first to visit you! Your collages are truly amazing~ well worth the visit!!

max said...

Oh boy, not to be too cynical, but that scene made me laugh really, My old friend George lives in Windsor where it was shot, and yah, not too many folks who leave the door unlocked there really - some maybe, but it's in no way the norm. I always tend to agree with the sentiments of his films but not so much the content. Really exaggerates things a lot.