Friday, April 21, 2006

Bloor in black and white...

Posted by Arna.

I noticed after posting these images, that there are almost no people in them. I took these on the first night of Passover and the street was kind of quiet. Dunno if that's why it was quiet.

The intersection of Avenue Road and Bloor Street:

The work on the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto as of last week:

A walkway near the museum on the same night:

Pay phones on Bloor near Spadina:

Psychic reading, anyone? The handwritten sign on the door reads: "People wanted to deliver flyers full time. Apply within." On Bloor Street, between Spadina and Bathurst:


Smook said...

Lovely pics Arna; I really liked the Walkway pic.

It's been a long time since I was at the ROM, maybe we should hook up there for a day of sketching perhaps? Or the AGO?

orange said...

beautiful the new blog look as well.
most excellent Doodlers

best regards

St John Street said...

Sweet photos!!!

Elliot said...

Wonderful pictures.
I love the one with the cherry picker the most.
It looks like it's from the film Alien (the original).

Yaxin said...

beauty full picsindeed... I'm impress by the depth in the blacks ;)

the doodlers said...

Mike! Thanks! The ROM will be a great place to sketch. Definately. I finish a storyboard mid next week. Afer that let's go ~ JvB too.

Robin, Thank you for visiting and for the compliment. We are both very pleased you like the new look! Best regards in return. We always enjoy your beautiful blog.

St John Street! Thanks! So nice to hear from you again.

Elliot, Thanks! The cherry picker is actually HUGE but the construction site dwarfs it. I like your analogy to the Alien movie.

Yacin, your note is most appreciated. The shots were originally in colour. I used photoshop to remove colour then 'sharpened edges'. On the wide shot of the museum construction site, I also adjusted the levels to bring up some of the highlights. I'm pleased with the blacks too. They are as the camera saw them.

Drazen said...

great pics, nice night viewing

Sumeet Surve said...

Nice pics, I like the compositon of the first and the third one. Keep 'em coming. Which camera do u guys use?

Nick Sung said...

These are pretty nice photos guys--
They're very atmospheric!
I especially like the last one.

Smook said...

The week after next would work great for me. Let me know what day would work for you.

Anonymous said...

Great tones. You know you guys need to join Flickr. There is a good group of us over there that would love to see these fab photos!

I feel almost bi-blogger with my Flickrverse and my Blogspotsphere. Very few comment/crossover between the two.

Clive said...

You have a director's eye! ...of course. They look great.

the doodlers said...

Drazen. Night after a rain's the best in some ways. For lit city streets- everything glows.

Sumeet. The camera is a Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital ELPH set at 400 ASA on Manual, no flash.

Nick. That last one was hardest to figure and cropped a lot from the original. Thanks! I'd like to check out the psychic reading... but I am chicken!

The week after next will be good. We'll email you!

Michael. Heehee. We really should investigate Flickr... don't really understand the concept... too stupid to read the info, I guess... do people share pixs around? Do they all start to talk funny like you? Is it a club? Are there dues? Will I have any time for anything else? I really need to get out and go for another walk! It's been a week. I'm getting out once a week.

Clive. Ahhh directing.... that's what I used to do... Thanks for reminding me... The storyboarding is eating my brain... Cheers! ~ Arna

the doodlers said...

"Smook", I meant to write before re: "the week after next will be good, we'll email you..."

Alina Chau said...

These photos are beautiful!! THe mood is soo mysterious and lovely!

alberto mielgo said...

Is very very nice the walkway near the museum .

Dunk said...

Wow i like the last one, the lighting gives it that eerie feeling

martin wittig said...

Really cool photos, I love that last one with the "open" sign!