Thursday, January 12, 2006

those damn, dirty apes...

Arna's son, Max Douglas (AKA Salgood Sam), has a new comic out, scripted by Ty Templeton & Joe O'Brien and coloured by Max's friend and fellow Montreal comic artist Bernie Mireault.

Here's a link to the Mr. Comics site for more cool preview pix and info.

Here's a link to an interview with Max.


alberto mielgo said...

High qualitty stuff.
This looks amazing, It's a very good drawing and nice composition.
Congrats to Max!
I'll see if I can get it in shops here.

Elliot said...

ANYTHING involving Planet of the Apes is fab in my book.
Pass on congratulations!

Clive said...

Looks great. I kind of liked the movie planet of the apes. You guys ever read 'The Monkey Planet', the English translation of a book by a French guy who's name eludes me? Planet of the Apes was based on it and it was a really enjoyable and thought provoking read.