Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mr. Coolman goes to Chicago

We're pleased to announce that our show, COOLMAN! DEEP SEA BLUES, written by John, will screen in competition at The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Oct. 27th to Nov. 6th). Here is the link to info on the screening. DEEP SEA BLUES was animated entirely by our friend Steve Whitehouse. He also storyboarded this 5 minute episode and adapted all our character designs to Flash. Kudos to Steve!

In total, four of Nelvana's Funpak shorts were accepted for final competition:

Harold Rosenbaum: Ledger Lad Liquidation
Coolman!: Deep Sea Blues
Gruesomesteins Monsters: Russell's Tussle
Rotting Hills: Drive to School

Congratulations to Matt Ferguson (Harold Rosenbaum), Glen Wyand (Rotting Hills), and Mark Ackland and Riccardo Durante (Gruesomestein's Monsters)!


Stef said...

I like your blog very much! I'll be back later this evening to check it out properly! cool stuff!

Steve Daye said...

Congratulations guys! Congrats to Matt, Glen, Mark and Ricardo as well, that's great news for Funpak! Good luck to all!

Smook said...

Congratulations John and Arna! Knock em dead in the windy city!

the doodlers said...

Thanks for visiting. We're honoured. The art on your blog is an inspiration!

Maybe Funpakers with blogs CAN make a difference (or at least have fun trying)!

Thanks for your wishes! Are you sick today? We saw your post on Steve's site... if so, get better fast!

J said...

Ottawa and now Chicago, you guys are on a roll. It's kind of sad Nelvana won't go to Mip with some of this stuff, but maybe there is business stuff I'm not aware of.

the doodlers said...


Congrats to You, Matt, Daniela and Nick on Ledger Lad getting the nod in Chicago!

J said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks alot. I've always claimed that Matt is a genius and Nick and Dani's abilities are more than well documented... I was just along for the ride. I hope the Chicago thing works out well for the profile of all of the shows. I think they deserve better promotion.